Who is SafeParkview?

SafeParkview is a non-profit company whose members are hundreds of Parkview residents and commercial subscribers. Set up in 2009, the company is affiliated to the Parkview Resident's Association. We have a board of volunteer directors and a community manager, who are all Parkview residents. The fundamental basis of SafeParkview is to spend our private security money most effectively by preventing crime rather than reacting to it.

Who is 24/7 Security?

24/7 Security is an armed response company who specialises in proactive patrolling and guarding. They have been contracted by SafeParkview to perform the proactive and reactive service that our community requires. 24/7 was selected by SafeParkview after considering tenders from five different security companies. 24/7 in Parkview is governed by operating procedures dictated by the SafeParkview directors. The three patrolling vehicles in Parkview are tracked by GPS and their activities are reported on a  monthly basis to the SafeParkview management team.

Why is SafeParkview more expensive than armed response companies?

SafeParkview is not purely an armed response, reactive company. We provide the extensive list of services (shown below) exclusively to the residents of Parkview and Greenside East. Our fundamental activity is proactive patrolling and crime prevention.

Why one security company in Parkview is better?

It is more effective to manage one security company which is proactive and operates to our requirements. If we all subscribe to SafeParkview, 1000 households have infinitely more influence and buying power than a single voice.

The monthly cost per member is R840. This includes:

  • 24 hour pro-active patrolling
  • 3 pro-active patrol vehicles
  • 2 officers in each vehicle
  • Strike Team, Grade A armed guards
  • Additional supervisor vehicle shared between suburbs
  • Ad hoc use of 24/7 Security's K9 Unit
  • Additional foot patrollers and vehicles deployed according to crime trends, as budget allows
  • Alarm system monitoring and armed response
  • Average response time of 2 minutes, 30 seconds
  • 24 hour Command Centre to report suspicious persons/activity
  • Cell phone panic buttons
  • Active co-ordination and operations with SAPS Parkview
  • Emergency paramedic service on site
  • SafeService register
  • Community services e.g. reporting broken street lights, pot holes, water leaks, calling paramedics and fire brigade following vehicle accidents etc.
  • SafeParkview community manager
  • Regular updates on crime statistics and incidents
  • Independent home security advice
  • Membership of the Parkview Residents Association


Parkview Domestic Watch

The Parkview Domestic Watch was established in our suburb a few years ago. Domestic Workers attend one hour training sessions on security awareness once a month. The purpose of these is to equip domestic workers with the skills to protect themselves and the families for whom they work and to inform the police of dangers in the neighbourhood. The Parkview Police support this initiative as they strongly believe that where crime prevention meetings have been implemented in suburbs crime has been reduced. Please encourage domestics to attend. All meetings are held at St. Columba’s Church, Lurgan Road Parkview at 10h00 on the last Friday of every month. A donation of R50 towards the running costs is requested for each meeting.
For any further information on the Domestic Watch Meetings:  Penny Steyn, Cell: 082 461 6968 E-mail:

Community Policing Forum

One of the functions of the Safety and Security sub-committee is to represent the Association on the Community Policing Forum (CPF) in an active and visible way. You can be part of the fight against crime in Parkview and Greenside East, and show support for the Parkview police by becoming a Parkview SAPS Supporter. You support will help build a community that is united against crime, make you a partner with the police in their fight against crime, and boost police confidence.

By donating R50 to the Parkview Community Policing Forum, you will help the Parkview police with additional police support vehicles, special operations equipment, customer service training, police reservist support, and the victim support unit. For your donation you will receive a ‘Support Parkview Police’ car sticker, which singles you out as being proactive against crime, identifies you as a resident or regular visitor to our precinct, shows where you stand with regard to crime, and displays your pride in being part of Parkview precinct. To get involved in the Community Policing Forum, or if you just want to send someone your ideas on policing as it relates to crime, safety and security, send an email to CPF at