PRA's response to the Parkview Community regarding the Corona Virus (COVID-19)

To our wonderful Parkview Community who never cease to amaze us with your generous hearts and incredible sense of community.
We find ourselves in some very unsure and unsettling times.  We appeal to you all to please adhere to all the official National Department of Health (NDOH) and National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) guidelines that have been put into place to ensure that we contain this virus as best as we can.  We cannot forget that the bulk of us are going to be just fine, but we have to think beyond our world to those more vulnerable and less privileged than we are. 

Social Media & Sharing of Information
There have been a flood of posts and message pertaining to COVID-19, some of which are not accurate.  This is dangerous and it is critical that we are prudent when it comes to postings about COVID-19.  The Government have gone as far as publishing Gazette No. 43107 on the 18th of March 2020 specifying in section 11.5 that anyone posting any form of Social Media, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter etc. that relates to COVID-19 and that is fake news, can get up 6 months in jail for spreading fake news. 
As the Parkview Residents’ Association (PRA) we take our directive from the NDOH and NICD.  We want to try and reduce panic and pass on good, sound advice.  We appeal to all our residents to please think and do the necessary checks before you post!  We have a number of experts in our area, who we have been in contact with and who are going to keep us up to date and inform us when there is new and valuable information to share, and we will be passing that information on to you all.
A communication prepared by Kelly Robinson from Tyrone Pharmacy will also be sent to all our local businesses outlining the sanitising precautions that they are sincerely requested to take at this time.

George Hay Park
Please note that as of the 20th of March George Hay Park is formally closed, as per the announcement made by Premier Makhuru.  The PRA does not encourage the use of the park and cautions residents to be wary of contact with other people, dogs and all surfaces. Please also advise your employees of this situation. *Please refer to attachment 1 for more detail.
We do encourage our residents and employees to take to the road and walk around our beautiful leafy suburb.  You may also catch a glimpse of some of the lovely art that our Parkview Children are producing and putting up on their walls. 
Councillor Bridget Steer has, at the PRA’s request, asked for clarity from Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo (JCPZ)  and Johannesburg Property Company (JPC) whether the public toilets at GH Park and the Parkview Library will remain open in the interests of public health. We will update the information to residents when we have a reply.  In the meantime the PRA GH Park subcommittee has supplied the GH Park toilets with soap and sanitiser. Please practice the hand washing and sanitising advice issued by the NDOH at all times.  Special thanks goes to Mientjie van der Merwe and her team who have done an exceptional job taking care of, upgrading and equipping the park with the necessary products mentioned above as well as COVID-19 signage to remind everyone about the prevention measures issued by the NDOH.

Social Distancing
Please practice social distancing in all instances when you are out in public   Councillor Bridget Steer reminds us of the regulations about using restaurants/coffee shops, etc.: “The regulations are not more than 50 persons including staff, safe distancing and No alcohol before 9am and after 6pm Mon - Sat, and after 1pm Sun and holidays.” *Please refer to attachment 2 for more detail

How you can help

Street/Block Support groups
Several residents have asked whether the PRA can assist with a kind of “disaster management” programme in the case of isolation or the extension of the national disaster declaration. We are not experts in this area and cannot offer any kind of advice or service beyond what the NDOH and government at various levels is advising. 
We suggest that residents either request help on the Parkview Network WhatsApp groups if they need help, but a better solution would be that streets or blocks of residents form smaller groups amongst themselves to enable support and help, and identify and make contact (through the postbox or by phone, practicing safe social distancing) with those residents nearby who don’t use WhatsApp or Facebook. Please remember the NDOH prevention advice at all times. 

Sharing your knowledge
We ask that you take the time to sit down with your employees and share the official NDOH information you have on COVID-19 as well as the prevention advice that is in place.  Language as always can cause a breakdown in communication, so please share these guidelines attached.  The PRA will also be printing these and putting them up in the Tyrone Ave shopping area.

Car Guards
In order to help with reluctance to handle cash and the contact involved in doing so, we are encouraging our community to pay the uniformed car guards by depositing money into an account.  Vivienne from Parkview Ballet & Dance shop has very kindly offered to open a banking account especially for donations in lieu of cash payments for these day time car guards.  She will distribute the cash.  We will forward these banking details shortly.  We are also trying to establish a cash collection point where people can drop off cash should they prefer not to do an eft.

Your domestic employees
Many of the community are giving their domestic employees paid leave at this time.  With the challenges around public transport and the prevention guidelines being adhered to, this could be a great help to many.  Please take the time to discuss this with your employees and involving them in the decision making process so that they understand fully why you are recommending this course of action.  Consider buying multivitamins and vitamin C in particular for your support staff, this will help to boost immune systems and hopefully help them fight any illness over this challenging time.

Supporting our local restaurants and shops
We appealing to all our Parkview Residents to please continue to support our local shops and restaurants.  You can order takeaways from most of the restaurants and they will even arrange a kerb collection, so that you don’t have to get out of your car when you collect.  Please call them to see what they have on offer and how you can go about doing this.  Your support may mean their survival! 
We also have a number of caterers in the area who will deliver food to your home should you be in quarantine or simply self-isolating in your home.  Look out for their details on the WhatsApp and Facebook “I Love Parkview” groups and in the Newsletter.

Health care workers
We understand that many of you are feeling unsure and anxious at this time.  Please can we make a special appeal to all our residents to be kind and patient with all our Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and health care workers in general.  There are protocols in place that need to be adhered to and fighting the people who are trying to help us is not in any way constructive.  Let's work together and always keep the bigger picture in mind.  Be aware of how you are responding to people and be considerate and polite.  Bear in mind that being stressed and angry actually puts your immune system at risk.  So for the sake of your immune system, take a breath and calm down. 
In closing as one of our residents Alex Brits said on one of the WhatsApp groups:  “Please let's all work hard at being understanding, patient and generous with each other as we navigate this strange new world we are finding ourselves in.  Community is important for us to survive and stay connected, mentally well and that no-one is isolated that may need support.”  Well put Alex we could not agree more. 

For Accurate information on COVID-19 please visit:

Tyrone Pharmacy Website:
NDOH WhatsApp Info group:
The South African National Department of Health’s WHATSAPP information service 
* save the number +27600123456 and send 'hi'.
This is not a WhatsApp group and you will not be spammed. It provides you with correct factual information using an interactive menu.



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