An application for rezoning of three properties at 63, 65 and 67 Dundalk Avenue, between Roscommon and Ennis Avenues, has been lodged by the owner.  The PRA will be submitting an objection.
The public has until 15 May 2019 to lodge any comments or objections to the City Council, and to the applicant. These can be sent by mail to Development Planning, PO Box 30733, Braamfontein, 2017, or by email to objectionsplanning@joburg.org.za, and to the applicant’s agent GE Town Planning Consultancy CC, PO Box 787285, Sandton, 2146, or by email to gedwards01@telkomsa.net. The email option is preferable.
The application is for a rezoning (and removal of restrictions) to Business 1, permitting business purposes, shops, restaurants, residential buildings, places of instruction, social halls, car sales lots, private parking areas, institutions, religious purposes, dwelling units, and ancillary and related uses, subject to development controls that include a height of 4 storeys, coverage of 70%, floor area ratio of 2.0 (6 380m², with shops limited to 1 500m² and offices limited to 2 000m²), and a density of 200 dwellings per ha (127 dwelling units). The development will be in terms of a site development plan.
The applicant’s intention is to expand the existing Tyrone Neighbourhood Node from Tyrone Ave into Dundalk Ave. Little information is given about the type of building, the traffic, the parking, and how it will complement the existing Node.  The application also indicates that the applicant intends to apply to remove any restrictive conditions of title that would prohibit the sale of liquor.
The Parkview Residents Association (PRA) relies largely on its neighbourhood Precinct Plan, adopted by the City in 2011, to provide responses to new applications in its area. In this instance the Precinct Plan does not favour expanding the Neighbourhood Node, and makes specific mention of support for medium density dwelling units on the applicant’s properties rather than increased business activity.
The PRA has been advised that the application does not show an understanding of the spatial policies and functioning of the existing neighbourhood node, and does not demonstrate a benefit of the proposed expanded neighbourhood node to the area. We have been advised that the PRA, and directly affected neighbours, should lodge an objection to ensure, to the extent possible, that the further development of the site is compatible with the neighbourhood and public interests as illustrated in its Precinct Plan
 The PRA therefore intends to lodge an objection that will enable it to try and influence the outcome of the application when it is considered by the Municipal Tribunal.
Should you wish to respond to the notice for public comment, it is important to provide your name, address, and contact details, your locus standi or reason why your comment/objection is relevant, and your grounds for concern or objection.
The Municipal Planning By-law criteria for motivating and assessing an application are compliance with the current spatial policy applicable in the area; need, reasonableness, desirability, and public interest; and compatibility and harmony with the area where the application is located.
As indicated, the PRA is of the view that:

  • The application does not comply with the current spatial policy applicable in the area
  • The applicant has not demonstrated a need for a new 4 storey, mixed-use development of 6 380m²
  • There is no clarity on how the proposed development will be integrated or function with the established Tyrone Neighbourhood Node, and
  • There are no studies provided on need, traffic, the capacity of services, and the like to assist in determining the possible impacts of the new development.

These general comments/objections can be used to frame your own responses, but should preferably also deal with your own views on the potential impact on the character and amenity of the area.

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