Community Policing Forum

One of the functions of the Safety and Security sub-committee is to represent the Association on the Community Policing Forum (CPF) in an active and visible way. You can be part of the fight against crime in Parkview and Greenside East, and show support for the Parkview police by becoming a Parkview SAPS Supporter. You support will help build a community that is united against crime, make you a partner with the police in their fight against crime, and boost police confidence. By donating R50 to the Parkview Community Policing Forum, you will help the Parkview police with additional police support vehicles, special operations equipment, customer service training, police reservist support, and the victim support unit.

For your donation you will receive a ‘Support Parkview Police’ car sticker, which singles you out as being proactive against crime, identifies you as a resident or regular visitor to our precinct, shows where you stand with regard to crime, and displays your pride in being part of Parkview precinct. To get involved in the Community Policing Forum, or if you just want to send someone your ideas on policing as it relates to crime, safety and security, send an email to CPF at